How-to clean Media History in Windows Media Player in Windows 7.


Windows Media player save our played music, videos and pictures history list as frequent view media. Anyone can check it right click Windows Media player Icon in Taskbar in running mode. (Note: This option can be disable on New Installation of Windows at first attempt of running Windows Media Player and later on by doing some clicks which we describe in following article.)





Steps to Clean History/Frequent played media in Windows Media Player


  • Open Windows Media Player, switch to Library mode if it open in Now Playing Now.
  • Right click in the empty space on the top to open Main Menu.


  • Go to Tools and Click on Options
  • Click on Privacy tab from the top
  • Under Privacy tab you will find History section at bottom, Clear History and Cache from here.


  • If you want, Window Media Player will not save your media History in Future, you can Un-check all 4 items from History section
  • After this Click Apply and OK
Now you can check by right click Windows Media Player Icon from Taskbar, there should not be any Frequent tab.
Hope this will help you to clear Windows Media Player History
Note: Above actions were performed on Windows 7 Platform with Windows Media Player 12. On the older versions of Windows Media player, you can do the same by going to Options > Tools > Privacy 

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